We thrive on the challenges posed by multi-faceted state construction projects.

Police Union Sports Club, Cairo

El Gaweesh Contracting Company

$ 13.75 million

20 months

December 2020


The Sports Police Union (SPU) Club is one of the oldest Egyptian clubs in the heart of Old Cairo. The project entailed the redevelopment and renovation of the entire facility and related infrastructure, including the establishment of a hotel for players, a world-class physiotherapy center, an international Olympic standard hall and a handball hall, which hosted the World Cup in Egypt during 2021. ISC managed an extremely tight project schedule to ensure that all club facilities were ready to host the planned tournaments.

Police Equestrian Force Headquarters, Cairo

El Gaweesh Contracting Company

$ 4.38 million

8 months

December 2019


This project entailed the renovation and upgrading of an old equestrian club in central Cairo that primarily serves the police sector in the Egyptian Ministry of Interior. The project consisted of 300 horse booths, a training arena, a modern show area with platform, as well as the establishment of a fully equipped veterinary hospital.

Khanka Police Training Facility

Green Modelling Contracting

$ 35.48 million

14 months

January 2021


This project entailed the establishment of a training centre for the Egyptian police troops spanning over 38 000m2. The project included administrative buildings, workshops, maintenance buildings, a shooting field, three multi-storey accommodation buildings, a platform within the training yard and the construction of related infrastructure and utilities. 

Wadi Al-Natron Police Hospital

El Gaweesh Contracting Company

$ 48.2 million

13 months

December 2021


Wadi Al Natron Rehabilitation Centre and Prison Facilities Project included the construction of a world-class medical centre with over 300 beds, recreational areas and playgrounds, prayer facilities, industrial workshops, farms, a central administration centre, 16 visitors’ buildings and a courts complex.

Presidential People's Multipurpose Park, Egypt

Egyptian Ministry of Defence (Engineering Authority)

$ 338.9 million

8 months

August 2021


Presidential Park is development corridor that forms a green area of over 1.25million m2, located between the Presidential Palace and the governmental district of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital. The confluence of multiple challenges in terms of time, number of stakeholders and the criticality of project and interference management, made this challenging assignment even harder. However, despite the challenges, ISC successfully led parallel teams to deliver the project on time, within budget and up to the customer’s expectations.

The Presidential Park opened to the public in early 2022 and includes entertainment areas, an amphitheatre, restaurants, green areas and more than 24 massive water features.

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