The upside of upskilling

In the workplace of today, you can’t afford to rely on the same skill-set year in and year out. Job requirements change, as does the employment landscape and what clients expect from companies. The solution to these challenges is continual upskilling.

Upskilling is undoubtedly on the rise. Recent research conducted by TalentLMS found that 42% of companies stepped up their upskilling efforts after the Covid-19 outbreak.

First things first.. what is upskilling?

Upskilling refers to obtaining additional skills to add to your existing skillset. It differs from reskilling, which refers to replacing outdated skills with new ones.

Let’s take a look at a few advantages of upskilling:

  • Upskilling increases your chances of promotion or new job opportunities

Job requirements change all the time. This could lead to a skills gap within your company. If you are adequately skilled for the new requirements, you can take on a new role, rather than your employer having to appoint someone externally. Alternatively, you could be the perfect fit for a company wanting to appoint someone new from the outside.

  • Upskilling leads to increased confidence

When you acquire new skills, it gives you the courage to speak up or to volunteer for new tasks. This is especially beneficial if you typically feel unheard at work because you don’t fit in with a certain demographic.

  • Upskilling increases your productivity at work

When you gain new skills, you are empowered to make decisions yourself, without needing additional advice or input. This saves time and money. The Talent LMS survey found that 91% of companies and 81% of employees say upskilling training has boosted productivity at work.

  • Upskilling enables you to work on new platforms and technologies

The ability to master a new platform or technology will give you the edge over fellow employees. And every new skill you acquire becomes the stepping-stone for the next level of training or proficiency,

  • Upskilling equips you to deal with change

When you are used to acquiring new skills and learning all the time, a chance in your operating environment isn’t likely to phase you. Employees who struggle the most with change are those who have always done things a certain way.

  • Upskilling makes you happier

This may seem like an odd benefit, but it is true that we all feel a major sense of accomplishment after learning or achieving something new. It demonstrates to us that we are still capable of improving ourselves and encourages us to set more goals for the future.

Upskill yourself this December at ISC Academy

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The courses take place from 13 – 22 December 2021 and run simultaneously in London and Cairo.

Construction Delay Analysis Methods (Theoretical Course)

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  • Delay and Disruption Claims
  • Delay Analysis Methods
  • Disruption and Acceleration Claims
  • Claim Quantification

Delay/Forensic Analysis (Practical Application using Delay Cracker Software)

(3 days)

  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Windows Analysis
  • Impacted As-Planned

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