Competitive Advancement

To maintain a competitive edge over our competitors, we focus strongly on Lean Construction Management and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Lean Construction management and BIM.

Lean Construction Management.

Lean Construction Management (LCM) was developed to meet project needs as they emerge, putting the focus squarely on integrated project solutions.

LCM is applied to every step of our project management service. Project execution is timed to the smallest detail and flexibly managed on-site.

Agile software development approaches are used during the planning phase.

Lean management is used during the execution phase of construction projects.

Benefits of Lean Construction.

Increased project efficiency across the entire value chain

Achievement of schedule, cost and quality goals

Avoidance of obstacles, risks and disruptions

Improvement in communication and processes

Greater stability as everything goes according to plan

Building Information Modelling (BIM) through 6 dimensions.

ISC uses Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services during construction to guarantee accurate project delivery and maintenance, and to facilitate the engineering of a 3D model.

This is expanded on by carrying out 4D simulation and 5D sequencing during the construction phase and delivery.

Finally, a 6D model is achieved by introducing Construction Operation Building Information Exchange (COBIE), Industrial Fundamental Class (IFC) certifications and lifetime operational cost control.

You can view our BIM process from project onset to completion in the video on the left.

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