Our associates

We offer access to leading project management technology and software via our partnerships with EyeDeal Tech and Teknobuilt.

Partnering with cutting-edge technology.

Ahmed Zahran

The President, Co-founder & Product Head at EyeDeal Tech

Dr. Mohamed Hegab

The Vice President, Co-founder & Industry Expert at EyeDeal Tech

Nishant Rao

Regional General Manager for UK/Europe at Teknobuilt

Charlie Foster

Director for Business Development at Teknobuilt

Dr. Consuelo Granata

Associate Manager of Digital Transformation at Teknobuilt

Our principles.


Lean construction

Agile project management enables efficiency and minimises disruptions and delays.


Health and Safety

We never compromise
on safe and secure working conditions.



Long-term planning sets the platform for trust and environmental accountability.



We use the latest BIM software to help you stay ahead of your competitors.