Ahmed Gomoah

Project Management Office Manager

An eagerness to learn means one is in the right place and guaranteed to leave a meaningful footprint. At ISC, we never fail to recognise such potential and utilise it optimally.

Meet our “Project Management Office (PMO) Manager” Ahmed Gomoah.

Ahmed joined ISC after gaining extensive experience for over nine years in the field of Project Management. With an unwavering determination for success and unparalleled commitment to his vision, Ahmed is amply qualified for his position. He’s a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Cost Professional (CCP), Certified Project Planning and Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) and Certified Risk Management Professional (RMP). He also holds a Professional Project Management Program (PRMG) qualification and he’s a Project Management instructor. What more could we ask for?

Ahmed embarked on his journey with ISC in 2013, where he was given the right exposure and mentorship that have allowed him to excel in his role. We thank Ahmed for his dedication, commitment and incalculable contribution to ISC’s success.

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