Ahmed Khaled Hussein


Information security is a non-negotiable at ISC – that’s why we invest in highly qualified staff members.

Meet our Senior Systems Administrator, Ahmed Khaled.

Ahmed joined ISC in 2021, but his systems administration career began seven years earlier. His expertise includes securing information systems from penetration, electronic attacks and piracy. He has also served as the head of the information systems department in more than one company.

Ahmed is amply qualified for his position. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and also has experience with Microsoft systems (MCSA-MCSE-AZURE), CISCO Network Systems (CCNA), Virtualization (vSphere, VSan, WorkStation, Hyper-V, ESXI), internet security system firewalls (FortiGate, pfsence, Kerio, Sophos) and Amazon Cloud Systems (AWS). Ahmed also has comprehensive programming language knowledge (C#, C++ and Python) and team leadership skills.

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