Anan Elboseily


Dynamic individuals are the driving force in the business world. That’s why we appoint employees with ambition and enthusiasm.

Meet our Business Development Specialist, Anan Elboseily.

Anan holds two Bachelor’s degrees and one Associate degree in Business Administration Management from Kean University, Ocean County College, and Cairo’s Ain Shams University. Anan is a member of The International Institute of Business Analytics (IIBA) and was drawn to the world of business development due to the industry’s fast-paced environment and her passion for people.

She also has over eight years of experience in youth empowerment and social initiatives, including membership of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society in the USA and serving as Public Relations Deputy for the Arab Youth Platform for Sustainable Development.

Anan has filled multiple roles as a speaker, event moderator and presenter at various universities and forums. Outside of work, you will find her travelling, writing, reading, and attending social and business events.

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