Ursula Scholtz


Ursula is an experienced marketing executive with the ability to maximise profits by developing sales strategies to match customer requirements. She hails from South Africa, where she was named top-performing National Sales and Marketing Relationships manager and also co-founded a niche financing company.

Ursula is a skilled network and communications specialist and is experienced in procuring new clients and expanding customer databases. She works intuitively and creatively and thrives on nurturing client relationships. Her expertise lies in creating and developing systems that find innovative solutions to customer requirements. She has developed and overseen unique marketing campaigns to promote products and services that have delivered many positive results for clients and companies.

Ursula believes in a holistic approach to life and career. She is a people’s person with a natural interest in the wellbeing and success of all who know her.

“I’m very excited about the launch of the ISC Academy today,” says Ursula. The ISC Academy is the only institution across the globe to offer specially created training courses centred around the revolutionary Cracker software.

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